Grid Service Market Symposium 2023

The electricity market is changing, opening opportunities for more flexibility in generation, storage and consumption. The integration of a large amount of new renewable energy sources poses great challenges for the European electricity grids & markets. Network reinforcement, market harmonisation and integration are solutions and challenges for the various players in the electricity industry.


New technologies such as Power to X, Batteries, Demand Side Response DSR, Water Electrolysers, Fuel Cells and others compete or complement each other in terms of technical capabilities and economic performance. The integration of such new technologies and methods, to provide grid services and optimise the use of existing infrastructure, is changing the face of the electricity industry in the long term.


For the first time, the GSM Symposium will take place within the framework of the Tagung Zukünftige Stromnetze in Berlin (held in German) to offer a wide-range perspective on the challenges of the electricity grid and to offer network opportunities for the industry, scientific community and policy actors.


Tickets can be purchased for the symposium only or as a combined ticket with the Tagung Zukünftige Stromnetze. 


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Novotel Tiergarten

09:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 11:35
11:35 - 13:15

13:15 - 14:55
14:55 - 15:40

15:40 - 16:55
16:55 - 17:30